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WholeFoods Magazine’s 44th Annual Retailer Survey
The most in-depth analysis of sales, operating profits, and marketing strategies for U.S. independent natural products retailers available anywhere.
Retail Insights® 2022 Retail Universe
Contains the natural product industry’s latest and most detailed account of U.S. natural organic product sales, as Retail Insights® track them through all eight retail grocery and specialty channels.
A late September survey of independent natural products retailers across the country about their workforces reveals common problems, continuing pressures, and some silver linings...  Read more...
A shrinking generation of original natural products shoppers is a problem for independents...  Read more...
Here’s a number that shows current U.S. thinking: North American air-passenger traffic in May 2022 surged 203% compared to May 2021. Most of us, it appears, have decided to live with a mutating virus and return to normal life...  Read more...
Is now a good time to sell your store? Yes, if you’ve got good profits. What are good profits? Net profits—cash that remains available to you at the end of each year after you’ve paid all your expenses...  Read more...
Those of you who entered the natural products industry in the 2000s may not know the story of the late U.S. Senator Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT), who served six terms, and passed away on April 23rd. Hatch, whose home state of Utah was and is headquarters to many significant vitamin and supplement manufacturers, was naturally a strong advocate for our industry...  Read more...
When the pandemic struck two years ago, consumers went online and away from risky in-store shopping as lockdowns, social distancing, and work-from-home trends took effect. Easy, but above all safe, online commerce looked set to displace brick-and-mortar shopping forever. But it turns out, maybe not...  Read more...
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