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WholeFoods Magazine’s 45th Annual Retailer Survey
Retail Insights® 2023 Retail Universe
The most in-depth analysis of sales, operating profits, and marketing strategies for U.S. independent natural products retailers available anywhere.
Bonus! 45th Annual Retail Survey Charts and Tables.
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For our May webinar/podcast where Jay Jacobowitz and Maggie Jaqua discuss the findings in this year’s 45th Annual Retailer Survey.
What forces in 2022 will continue in 2023, and which ones will change? Here’s my best guess on a few....  Read more...
A late September survey of independent natural products retailers across the country about their workforces reveals common problems, continuing pressures, and some silver linings...  Read more...
A shrinking generation of original natural products shoppers is a problem for independents...  Read more...
Here’s a number that shows current U.S. thinking: North American air-passenger traffic in May 2022 surged 203% compared to May 2021. Most of us, it appears, have decided to live with a mutating virus and return to normal life...  Read more...
Is now a good time to sell your store? Yes, if you’ve got good profits. What are good profits? Net profits—cash that remains available to you at the end of each year after you’ve paid all your expenses...  Read more...
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